Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WeightChart Trackables are Coming!

Our users have listed out many wellness parameters that they wish to track. From glasses of water drank to runs around your favorite track, from blood pressure to calories consumed and burned, from sprint times to mile times.

Next week, WeightChart.com will be introducing WeightChart Trackables. You will be able to specify anything you want to track and record it quickly right along with your weight and notes.

Stay tuned for more details!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Updates, WeightChart Together services

Our membership exceeded 30,000 last month.

We are introducing WeightChart Together Services for workgroups, wellness professionals, and private groups such as clubs and teams. We are seeking pilot groups for these services. All fees are waived for the pilot groups!

The navigation on the site changed slightly to streamline the interface and add link for Together services. The navigation changes include the following:

  • Together Services now shows on the main menu bar
  • For logged in users, the 'Weight Chart' menu option is changed to 'My Chart'
  • Milestones menu option is removed from the Menu bar, it is now available on 'My Chart' page
  • The Photo Timeline button is removed. Photo Timeline is the third tab along with Chart and Data

Now you see a 'Loading' message while the data on the page is loading.

Now it is easier to include or exclude a chart on the Shared Charts display.

WeightChart Together Services including the following:

  • Change Charts to share only weight loss (or gain)
  • Group competitions, challenges, and communications
  • Group statistics and summaries
  • Custom home page, priority support, and more!