Friday, January 29, 2010

Chart Trackables, other new features

Thank you for being a user. Today we've rolled out a really nice batch of changes for you.

  • Trackables have been moved from Preferences to the main page because as of now...
    You can chart them! It's our new favorite feature (sorry Photo Timeline) to be able to see things like hours of sleep, and glasses of water in line with weight and feeling indicators. What a great way to detect patterns and the relationship between different wellness factors. Once you've filled in a few Trackable entries (from your normal Enter Weight form) have a click on Options to see this information on your chart.
  • Who is 'username3882'? Let others see your real name instead of your login name. For the Chart Sharing and Together pages if you've provided your real name that's what shows up for others to see.
  • We've upgraded the ? help popups to provide more information in a clearer way. If you think we should add to or improve the help on our site send us a message at
  • Now Together groups with lots of members (like over 100) are possible. Before this change things were a little too sluggish for our large groups. The Together summary, below the chart, is now the place to go to add/remove people from the chart. We've added a last entry date column to the summary, it's handy to sort by to see who's made recent changes.
  • As we increase the capabilities of WeightChart the effort of doing more can begin to slow things down. In this release we've optimized many pages to load and run faster, in some cases it's a dramatic change. We hope you've never thought about performance on WeightChart, improvements like this are made so you won't.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Our press release for Trackables

Here is our press release announcing WeightChart Trackables:

--------------------------------------------- Introduces Trackables
January 22, 2010, Chicago, IL, USA, the premier site for wellness and weight tracking, is introducing WeightChart Trackables. This powerful new features allows the users to track nearly any wellness parameter along with their weight.

WeightChart Trackables are fully customizable. One can select from a list of popular pre-defined Trackables including glasses of water drank, laps around the favorite track or pool, blood pressure, or define their own to track nearly anything. When defining Trackables, a user can pick either one or two values, their labels and units of measure. The Trackables values can be either a number or elapsed time. There is no limit on the number of Trackables that a user can define and use. Once defined, the Trackables appear on the regular dialog to enter weight and other wellness parameters.

As our users found themselves coming to on nearly daily basis, they were seeking to track and log more about their wellness. A growing number of users from the "Quantified Self" movement are starting to implement their programs at using Trackables. is a free service of the eWoFF Network for family and friends. It features ability to track weight and wellness, set milestones, share charts, photo timelines, WeightChart Together service for groups, growth charts for children, and a powerful nutrition database.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Photo Timeline issue resolved

During past few days, we had been getting intermittent reports of uploaded photos not showing up on the photo timeline. We traced the issue to a minor configuration error on one of the servers. It was corrected this afternoon. None of the photos or related data was ever at any risk.

Thank you for using

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy and Healthy New Year!

We wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

The simple resolve to track your weight each day is key to your success. enables you to maintain your goals with quick and efficient tracking.

If you crave more, the site allows for chart sharing, milestone guidelines, photo uploads, conversations with your support team, custom Trackables, health calculators, nutrition information, chart publishing, and much more!

Throughout, the service continues to be offered at no cost and allows you to find a locus of support free from all the noise and chatter of the web.

May this transition to the New Year mark a new beginning for your most successful efforts!