Monday, November 23, 2009

November Update Letter

The followig message is being sent to all members that have chosen to receive the updates:

Thank you for using Many of you are making great strides with your wellness goals. We will soon be publishing the average weight loss for frequent users of the site. There are many exciting new features available to you.

We have started to publish selected member success stories. Please use the Preference page to submit your story and your comments. You can also use this public link to show your chart on your blog or social networking site. We invite you to review the published stories and submit yours.

Our Wellness Together services continue to evolve. Now you are able to create sub-groups within your group and create competitions between these sub-groups. There are new administration options for challenges and competitions. Please remember that all fees are waived until 2011! We are now focusing on Wellness Together success stories.

We have introduced growth charts for children. We invite you to explore these powerful new features for tracking the growth of your children.

The nutrition database now provides much more detail and allows you to save foods items that are of particular interest to you.

You will also find enhancements to one-to-one sharing, conversations, Trackables, and the BMI calculator.

We invite you to keep with you through the holidays so your New Year's resolutions can be strong! Our warm wishes for the Holidays..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our press release regarding updates

Following is our press release regarding updates to the site.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upgrades Age Weight Charts, BMI Calculator, and Nutrition Information
October 15, 2009, Chicago, IL, USA, the premier site for wellness and weight tracking, has upgraded age weight charts for boys and girls. The site has also upgraded it's BMI Calculator and nutrition information. has always been a great place for answers to questions such as "How much should I weigh?" or "What is my BMI (Body Mass Index)?" The site now provides many additional details in monthly charts for growing boys and girls as well as adults.

The kids weight charts are significantly upgraded to include an individual page for each month. Now you are able to see all of the details for growth chart for boys or girls by year and month. It is easy to browse them or select the specific year and month.

The upgraded BMI calculator now graphically shows the range of healthy weight for your height and well as ranges for overweight and underweight for your height. It shows and graph of the weight associated with BMI between 18.5 and 25 for any given height as the healthy weight range.

The information provided from the nutrition database is enhanced with many additional details. The primary nutrients are shown in the new nutrition label with amounts and percentages. All other nutrients are displayed in a list with graphical representation. There tabs for various portions. and other eWoFF Network sites and services are owned and operated by, Incorporated, an Illinois corporation based in Chicago, IL USA. The sites of eWoFF Network include,,,, and You may contact, Incorporated at with any questions, comments, or additional information.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 Update Message

Here is our update message that is being sent to members who choose to accept updates:


Thank you for using Our membership doubled in the last three months!

As many have yet to tap all of the powerful new features that will assist in reaching your wellness goals, we have sketched a few of them below.

WeightChart Trackables allows you to create your own parameters for keeping tabs on what is working for you -- from laps around your favorite track, to how many glasses of water you are drinking; from blood pressure readings to pedometer counts. Best of all, this feature is fully customizable, so you can easily create your own Trackables to monitor what is important to you.

To start using this powerful new feature, simply go to the Preferences page when logged into your account and click the Create Trackable button.

WeightChart Together Services are now in place to allow you to tap the power of making your goal a shared endeavor. Success stories invariably include some aspect of group sharing, whether it's with your family, your weight-loss group, or your trainer.

Where you were previously able to share your chart with individuals - a great beginning - Together Services allows you to expand this powerful aspect to track your progress with clubs, teams, workgroups, or wellness professionals. Here, each member’s weight remains private; it is only the change in individual and group weight that is tracked and charted.

Discover the power of group incentive and encouragement by setting up weight-loss challenges in the work place; or share your determination to get fit as a family. During our rollout of WeightChart Together services, all fees are waived!

Frequent users of are making great headway in their wellness goals. Soon, we will be sharing the average statistics along with individual success stories. If you have a wellness success venture that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you! Please reply to this message with your story, or use the feedback link below.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated. It is from here we learn how better to enhance the site to keep it working for you. Thank you again for using and sharing its benefits with others!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WeightChart Trackables are Coming!

Our users have listed out many wellness parameters that they wish to track. From glasses of water drank to runs around your favorite track, from blood pressure to calories consumed and burned, from sprint times to mile times.

Next week, will be introducing WeightChart Trackables. You will be able to specify anything you want to track and record it quickly right along with your weight and notes.

Stay tuned for more details!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Updates, WeightChart Together services

Our membership exceeded 30,000 last month.

We are introducing WeightChart Together Services for workgroups, wellness professionals, and private groups such as clubs and teams. We are seeking pilot groups for these services. All fees are waived for the pilot groups!

The navigation on the site changed slightly to streamline the interface and add link for Together services. The navigation changes include the following:

  • Together Services now shows on the main menu bar
  • For logged in users, the 'Weight Chart' menu option is changed to 'My Chart'
  • Milestones menu option is removed from the Menu bar, it is now available on 'My Chart' page
  • The Photo Timeline button is removed. Photo Timeline is the third tab along with Chart and Data

Now you see a 'Loading' message while the data on the page is loading.

Now it is easier to include or exclude a chart on the Shared Charts display.

WeightChart Together Services including the following:

  • Change Charts to share only weight loss (or gain)
  • Group competitions, challenges, and communications
  • Group statistics and summaries
  • Custom home page, priority support, and more!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Outage During Upgrade

Our planned outage to upgrade our key database server lasted much longer than plan. It was caused by a known, but expected error during the upgrade. The systems were down for so long because we kept trying to complete the process.

In the end, we gave up on the upgrade and restarted the systems. At no time any information was at risk of loss. We had good backups for everything; they were not needed.

Thank you for your patience.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 Crosses 25,000 Member Mark, Enhances Chart Sharing Features

Here is our press release from today:

May 6, 2009, Chicago, IL, USA

In its ninth month of operation, added the 25,000th member this week. In addition to successful marketing campaigns, existing members are starting to contribute to growth by sharing their charts and inviting friends and family to join them at

Chart Sharing is an important and distinguishing feature of Unlike other ever-expanding groups where your personal information quickly becomes public information, weight charts at can be seen only by individuals that are specifically authorized by the owner. Charts are always shared privately on a one-to-one basis. Many enhancements to chart sharing features are driven by user feedback. Members are now able to converse with those that they are choosing to share their chart. It easy to comment on progress, share tips, or just say hello! Members are sharing their weight charts with family and friends, fitness trainers, nutritionists, and health care professionals.source:

Other new features include a new photo carousel to see yourself over time, new chart options, revamped milestones page and reminders. is free service of the eWoFF Network to track and visualize your weight and wellness. This site features the ability to enter weight, record notes, set milestones, upload photos, and share charts with others. The site also has several health calculators and a nutrition information database. and other eWoFF Network sites and services are owned and operated by, Incorporated, an Illinois corporation based in Chicago, IL USA. The sites of eWoFF Network include,,,, and You may contact, Incorporated at with any questions, comments, or additional information.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Features

Thank you for being a user. Our existing members are starting to contribute to our growth by sharing their charts and inviting others to join. We added our 23,000th member earlier this month. This set of upgrades greatly enhances chart sharing features.

  • Chart sharing now includes the ability to exchange messages with the other members. Now it easy to comment on progress, share tips, or just say hello!
  • Shared chart screen now includes the summary statistics for shared charts that are selected for display. See how much weight everyone has lost! You can also use the slider to select the date range for shared charts.
  • The Milestones page is completely updated. It now shows your milestones graphically and in a list. You can are able edit your milestones. The list also shows you relevant data for historical milestones.
  • Now you can see of your uploaded pictures in a carousel. It shows all of your uploaded pictures along with your weight at the time, notes, BMI, etc.
  • Now you can delete your wellness entry. Although we did not see a need for it, surprisingly large number of users requested this feature.
  • The preferences page now allows you to request multiple reminders and opt out of our update message. There are new options to specify your activity level so your BMR can be calculated.
  • Some bugs are fixed including the ones that allowed you to enter weight for the same date twice and the one the defaulted to 1909 rather than 2009!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update email sent this week

Here is the email that is being sent to all registered users of

Thank you for using In the first 6 months of operation, has steadily added more than 15,000 members. The site has gone through several upgrades and now contains many exciting new features including:

  • faster daily, weekly, and monthly charts
  • private chart sharing
  • setup for a reminder
  • photo upload, a nutrition database, and more

You can explore new features by logging into your account or learn more at the new features page.

If you have a weight loss success story and wish to share it on the homepage of, please reply to this message with your details or use the feedback link below.

As always, we welcome your input for new features. Thank you again for using and introducing others to its benefits. Team

Please click on the following link if you do not wish to tell us your success story or provide feedback. feedback

Monday, March 9, 2009

Reminder bug

Earlier today a few extra reminders were sent by We are trying to resolve an issue with the daylight savings time change. The service will not be enabled until the issue is resolved.

We regret the error.

The bug was not related the the daylight savings time. We have a temporary fix in place. A permanent fix will be deployed over next few days.

Friday, February 13, 2009 Updates on February 12, 2009

Thank you for being a user. We continue to grow well adding our 11,000th member earlier this month. This set of upgrades greatly enhances the chart performance for frequent users.

Chart enhancements include the following:

  1. New enterprise-class charting package is now powering In addition to fast response, it will allow for many useful ways to visualize your wellness data
  2. Very fast chart even for multi-year data
  3. Slider on the chart page to instantly explore your data
  4. Weekly and monthly charts
  5. Plot milestones on your chart including your upcoming milestone

Shared Charts now allow you to view multiple shared charts at the same time.

You can now setup to receive reminders when you have not entered weight in selected number of days.

The nutrition pages now have more options to explore food nutrition data.

Infant, boy and girl weight charts are enhanced.

Adult height-weight charts are added.

Thursday, February 5, 2009 Crosses 10,000 Member Mark added the 10,000th member this week! Along with rising new members, the number and percentage of returning members continues to grow steadily. is free service of the eWoFF Network to track and visualize your weight and wellness. This site features the ability to enter weight, record notes, set milestones, upload photos, and share charts. The site also has several health calculators and a nutrition information database.

Although the chart sharing feature is in its early stages, it is already contributing to the membership growth. Nearly 80 percent of the invitations that are sent out by our existing members choose to share their charts. The feature to upload your photo at a given weight has also been very popular.

In addition to the members inviting others to join, traffic from search engines has increased significantly. is ranking high in several important keywords. The usage of the site continues to vary significantly. Some users enter their weight every day along with notes and other wellness parameters; others opt to return more sporadically and enter their weight once every few days.

Thank you for your support!