Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hardware failure

2/2/16 Update
The site is up on previous recovered servers.  The new servers will be deployed within next 2-3 weeks.  There are a few remaining issues that will be corrected within next 2 days.

No data was ever at any risk of loss.

We sincerely regret the outage.

2/1/16 Update
We are making progress but still not done with the upgrade process.  We are no longer attempting to bring up the systems today.  Our next goal is end of day tomorrow, Tuesday, 2/2/16.

We are able to confirm that all user data is safe.  We are making additional copies of your data as a precaution.

We sincerely regret this outage.

1/31/16 Update
We are encountering many issues with restore and rebuild.  We are now focused on the new servers.  Unfortunately, it will extend recovery time.  We now are targeting to be up by end of day Monday, Feb 1, 2016.

We sincerely regret this outage.

1/30/16 6:00 PM

Earlier today, a key server suffered a major failure.  We are quite sure that all user data is safe.  We are rebuilding this server.  We expect to be back on line late on Sunday.

As a parallel effort, we are also building a new server.  If we are close to having the new server working tomorrow, it is possible to that we will switch to the new server even if caused further delay.  We will update this post about Noon on Sunday.

We sincerely regret this outage.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Healthy and Happy New Year!

We wish everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year!

As you resolve to focus on your weight and wellness in 2016, we encourage you to seek ways to make time for wellness throughout the year.  We see most weight and wellness resolutions fall by the wayside in February, if not sooner.

Successful users of our site (and other similar services) report that year-round focus on wellness as the most important factor in their success.  All of our data shows greater success with frequent and constant logging of your wellness.

Thank you for using

Friday, April 24, 2015

Wellness Resolutions

Have your New Year's resolutions related to weight loss and wellness fallen by the way side?

As with many wellness related entities, we see a major spike in activity at our website,, at the beginning of the year.  Lots of new users, lots old users returning, lots of invitations, new milestones, and even requests to delete old data!  Everyone is resolved to tackle the weight gain of winter and the holidays.

By early March, however, most of the activity fizzles out.  About this time, late in April, we are down to the regular users who use our website nearly every day.

With the insights gained from more than 5 years of our usage data, we contend that you are best served by taking time for wellness each and every day throughout the year.  Simple acts of trying to be physically active and being intentional with your food can take you closest to your wellness goals over time; adding some activities to reduce stress can get you there.  You add weight over years and decades, it is best to not hurry to lose it.

Try logging your weight and wellness every day (on our site or others) over a year.  You may be surprised at the simplicity and effectiveness of our proposition!

Thank you for using

Friday, November 21, 2014

Weight and Wellness through the Holidays!

The basic premise of our site is that tracking of your weight and wellness increases your focus on your weight and wellness.  This leads to wiser choices with food, exercise, and relaxation.

There is a remarkable jump in use of our site after the holidays.  Even though one hears about New Year's resolutions for weight loss, we see increased usage from new and existing members starting from December 26th!  Of course, this interest wanes within weeks.

We suggest continuous focus on your wellness.  At this particular time of the year, we say that tracking weight and wellness through the holidays may help you to be in better shape after the holidays!

Our warmest wishes!

Thank you for using

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Move Complete

Update 5:30 AM Central, 11/14/14
It took a little longer and there were a couple of unexpected issues, but the move is now complete.  Thank you for using

Our servers will be moving to a new upgraded facility today.  The site will unavailable intermittently until Friday morning.

We will post updates as we have them.

Thank you for your patience and using

Monday, July 1, 2013

Success Stories prides itself in being private. A vast majority of our users are private users that do not share their data with anyone. Some of our users share data with trusted family and friends.

A few users choose to share their chart with the world either on the featured profiles page at or on their own blogs. Our ability to feature success stories is limited because we prefer that our users keep their data and success private.

As we approach our 4 year anniversary, we encourage you to explore some of the success stories of our long time users.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Most Searched Nutrition Data provides you with valuable and unique view of the US Food and Drug Administration's nutrition database.  It lists detailed nutrient composition of more than 18000 packaged and restaurant foods.

Various food items can be searched, explored by category, or explored by high/low ingredient content.

Following is the list of the 100 most searched items for nutrition information at

  1. Quinoa, cooked
  2. McDonald's, Hot Caramel Sundae
  3. Melons, cantaloupe, raw
  4. McDonald's, Big Mac
  5. McDonald's, French Fries
  6. Louis Rich, Turkey Breast
  7. Bananas, raw
  8. Pork, fresh, composite of trimmed retail cuts, cooked
  9. McDonald's, Egg McMuffin
  10. McDonald's, Cheeseburger
  11. Jute, potherb, raw
  12. Apples, raw, with skin
  13. Hummus, commercial
  14. Stouffer's Lasagna with Meat & Sauce, frozen entree
  15. Egg, whole, cooked, hard-boiled
  16. McDonald's, Chicken McNuggets
  17. Cheese, cheddar
  18. Nuts, cashew nuts, dry roasted, with salt added
  19. McDonald's, Double Cheeseburger
  20. Burger King, Whopper, with cheese
  21. Wendy's, French Fries
  22. Cereals ready-to-eat, Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats, original
  23. McDonald's, Filet-O-Fish
  24. Taco Bell, Nachos Supreme
  25. Taco Bell, Bean Burrito
  26. Energy drink, Red Bull, sugar free
  27. Candies, REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups
  28. Taco Bell, Taco Salad
  29. Chicken breast tenders, cooked, conventional oven
  30. Nuts, almonds
  31. McDonald's, Baked Apple Pie
  32. Broccoli, raw
  33. Wendy's, Chicken Nuggets
  34. Celery, raw
  35. Watermelon, raw
  36. McDonald's, Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich
  37. Cereal wafer straws, Kellogg, Apple Jacks Cereal straws
  38. McDonald's, McFlurry with M&M'S Candies
  39. Spices, bay leaf
  40. Cheese, brie
  41. Burger King, Hamburger
  42. McDonald's, Hot Fudge Sundae
  43. Tomatoes, red, ripe, raw, year round average
  44. Cereals ready-to-eat, General Mills, Cheerios
  45. Amaranth grain, cooked
  46. Spinach, raw
  47. Energy drink, Red Bull
  48. McDonald's, McChicke Sandwich (without mayonnaise)
  49. McDonald's, Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken
  50. Strawberries, raw
  51. Egg, white, raw, fresh
  52. Infant formula, Mead Johnson, Enfamil, low iron
  53. Cereals ready-to-eat, General Mills, Fiber One
  54. Doughnuts, yeast-leavened, glazed, enriched (includes honey buns)
  55. Lettuce, iceberg (includes crisphead types), raw
  56. Burger King, Cheeseburger
  57. Alcoholic beverage, wine, table, red
  58. McDonald's, McFlurry with Oreo cookies
  59. Coffee, brewed from grounds, prepared with tap water
  60. Egg, whole, cooked, fried
  61. Cereals ready-to-eat, corn flakes, plain, single brand
  62. Carrots, raw
  63. Animal fat, bacon grease
  64. McDonald's, Hamburger
  65. Nuts, walnuts, english
  66. Drink mix, Quaker Oats, Gatorade orange flavor, powder
  67. Cheese, gruyere
  68. Fluid replacement, electrolyte solution (include Pedialyte)
  69. Cheese, mozzarella, whole milk
  70. Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs in tomato Sauce
  71. Avocados, raw, all commercial varieties
  72. Carrots, baby, raw
  73. Infant formula, Abbott Nutrition, Neosure Advance
  74. Nabisco, Ritz Crackers
  75. Blueberries, raw
  76. Bagels, cinnamon-raisin
  77. Candies, Tootsie Roll, chocolate-flavor roll
  78. Gelatins, dry powder, unsweetened
  79. Grapes, red or green, raw
  80. Sweeteners, tabletop, aspartame, Equal, packets
  81. Kraft Valveeta Light Reduced Fat Cheese
  82. Taco Bell, Original Taco with beef
  83. McDonald's, Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait
  84. Beets, raw
  85. Candies, Nestle, Butterfinger Bar
  86. Pomegranates, raw
  87. Jimmy Dean, Sausage Biscuits, breakfast sandwich, frozen
  88. Sports drink, Coca-Cola, Powerade, lemon-lime flavored
  89. McDonald's, Big Breakfast
  90. Sports drink, PepsiCo, Gatorade
  91. Wild rice, cooked
  92. Egg, Cheese and Bacon Griddle Cake Sandwich
  93. Fish, salmon, sockeye, raw
  94. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Fried Chicken, Extra Crispy, Breast
  95. Egg, whole, cooked, scrambled
  96. Taco Bell, Soft Taco with beef
  97. Popeyes, Coleslaw
  98. Butter, salted
  99. Onions, raw
  100. Stouffer's Lean Cuisine Chicken Enchilada Suiza