Thursday, December 4, 2008 Press Release is off to a great start! We made the following press release a few days ago. is off to a Great Start!
Chicago, IL, USA, November 2008

Launched only in August 2008, is off to a great start. is free service of the eWoFF Network to track and visualize your weight and wellness. This site features the ability to enter weight, notes, set milestones, calculators, and nutrition information.

Within first few weeks, the site has added thousands of new users. Many users add their weight every day or many times a week. As soon as milestones feature was added, thousands of milestones were set within days. The health calculators on the site including BMI and Waist-to-hip ratio are extensively used by members and non-members alike. The features under development include group weight loss, Photo tracking, and detailed calorie counting.

The basic premise of is that we all know how to loose weight; reduce calorie intake and increase calorie burn. simply helps individuals track their weight and motivates in a non-intrusive way by allowing them to be honest with themselves and their weight management efforts.

The site is fast climbing in search engine ranks for many important keywords. The traffic from clicks from the search engines is increasing steadily. and other eWoFF Network sites and services are owned and operated by, Incorporated. It is an Illinois corporation based in Chicago, IL, USA. Please contact Vivek R. Gupta, President, at 312-553-4200 for any additional information.

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