Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Features

Thank you for being a WeightChart.com user. Our existing members are starting to contribute to our growth by sharing their charts and inviting others to join. We added our 23,000th member earlier this month. This set of upgrades greatly enhances chart sharing features.

  • Chart sharing now includes the ability to exchange messages with the other members. Now it easy to comment on progress, share tips, or just say hello!
  • Shared chart screen now includes the summary statistics for shared charts that are selected for display. See how much weight everyone has lost! You can also use the slider to select the date range for shared charts.
  • The Milestones page is completely updated. It now shows your milestones graphically and in a list. You can are able edit your milestones. The list also shows you relevant data for historical milestones.
  • Now you can see of your uploaded pictures in a carousel. It shows all of your uploaded pictures along with your weight at the time, notes, BMI, etc.
  • Now you can delete your wellness entry. Although we did not see a need for it, surprisingly large number of users requested this feature.
  • The preferences page now allows you to request multiple reminders and opt out of our update message. There are new options to specify your activity level so your BMR can be calculated.
  • Some bugs are fixed including the ones that allowed you to enter weight for the same date twice and the one the defaulted to 1909 rather than 2009!

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