Friday, May 28, 2010

Wellness at Work - WeightChart Together Services for Employers

We continue to develop WeightChart Together (SM) services for employers, schools, wellness professionals, and other groups.
Our WeightChart Together services for employers take a very simple approach with great benefits. The basic premise is that wellness need not require large expense or time commitment. WeightChart Together services for employers can be started at a very low one-time costs of as little as $10 per employee. These low costs can waived, if needed.

Our analysis shows that wellness tracking is one of the biggest components of success with wellness. offers a simple and quick way to track weight and nearly any other wellness metric. One can choose from a dozen predefined metrics or quickly define their own using WeightChart Trackables.
Studies show that employees do not wish to share their weight, blood pressure, and other wellness data with their employers or health insurance companies. WeightChart Together services for employers share only aggregate data with employers. The employers can see the huge returns on their investments without the access to personal data.

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