Wednesday, July 29, 2009 Update Message

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Thank you for using Our membership doubled in the last three months!

As many have yet to tap all of the powerful new features that will assist in reaching your wellness goals, we have sketched a few of them below.

WeightChart Trackables allows you to create your own parameters for keeping tabs on what is working for you -- from laps around your favorite track, to how many glasses of water you are drinking; from blood pressure readings to pedometer counts. Best of all, this feature is fully customizable, so you can easily create your own Trackables to monitor what is important to you.

To start using this powerful new feature, simply go to the Preferences page when logged into your account and click the Create Trackable button.

WeightChart Together Services are now in place to allow you to tap the power of making your goal a shared endeavor. Success stories invariably include some aspect of group sharing, whether it's with your family, your weight-loss group, or your trainer.

Where you were previously able to share your chart with individuals - a great beginning - Together Services allows you to expand this powerful aspect to track your progress with clubs, teams, workgroups, or wellness professionals. Here, each member’s weight remains private; it is only the change in individual and group weight that is tracked and charted.

Discover the power of group incentive and encouragement by setting up weight-loss challenges in the work place; or share your determination to get fit as a family. During our rollout of WeightChart Together services, all fees are waived!

Frequent users of are making great headway in their wellness goals. Soon, we will be sharing the average statistics along with individual success stories. If you have a wellness success venture that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you! Please reply to this message with your story, or use the feedback link below.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated. It is from here we learn how better to enhance the site to keep it working for you. Thank you again for using and sharing its benefits with others!

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