Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our press release regarding updates

Following is our press release regarding updates to the site.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upgrades Age Weight Charts, BMI Calculator, and Nutrition Information
October 15, 2009, Chicago, IL, USA, the premier site for wellness and weight tracking, has upgraded age weight charts for boys and girls. The site has also upgraded it's BMI Calculator and nutrition information. has always been a great place for answers to questions such as "How much should I weigh?" or "What is my BMI (Body Mass Index)?" The site now provides many additional details in monthly charts for growing boys and girls as well as adults.

The kids weight charts are significantly upgraded to include an individual page for each month. Now you are able to see all of the details for growth chart for boys or girls by year and month. It is easy to browse them or select the specific year and month.

The upgraded BMI calculator now graphically shows the range of healthy weight for your height and well as ranges for overweight and underweight for your height. It shows and graph of the weight associated with BMI between 18.5 and 25 for any given height as the healthy weight range.

The information provided from the nutrition database is enhanced with many additional details. The primary nutrients are shown in the new nutrition label with amounts and percentages. All other nutrients are displayed in a list with graphical representation. There tabs for various portions. and other eWoFF Network sites and services are owned and operated by, Incorporated, an Illinois corporation based in Chicago, IL USA. The sites of eWoFF Network include,,,, and You may contact, Incorporated at with any questions, comments, or additional information.

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