Monday, November 23, 2009

November Update Letter

The followig message is being sent to all members that have chosen to receive the updates:

Thank you for using Many of you are making great strides with your wellness goals. We will soon be publishing the average weight loss for frequent users of the site. There are many exciting new features available to you.

We have started to publish selected member success stories. Please use the Preference page to submit your story and your comments. You can also use this public link to show your chart on your blog or social networking site. We invite you to review the published stories and submit yours.

Our Wellness Together services continue to evolve. Now you are able to create sub-groups within your group and create competitions between these sub-groups. There are new administration options for challenges and competitions. Please remember that all fees are waived until 2011! We are now focusing on Wellness Together success stories.

We have introduced growth charts for children. We invite you to explore these powerful new features for tracking the growth of your children.

The nutrition database now provides much more detail and allows you to save foods items that are of particular interest to you.

You will also find enhancements to one-to-one sharing, conversations, Trackables, and the BMI calculator.

We invite you to keep with you through the holidays so your New Year's resolutions can be strong! Our warm wishes for the Holidays..

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