Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quarterly message - average weight loss

Here is the message that went out today to all registered users that choose to receive update message from us.

We wish to share with you very encouraging statistics about the average weight loss of the users of
Our analysis of all returning users shows an average weight loss of 11 lbs. Those that have used the site for between six and 12 months have lost an average of 17.1 lbs! Even more amazing is that the users who have added between 50 and 100 wellness entries have lost 22.9 lbs on average!

With tens of thousands of members it is likely that nearly all known strategies for weight loss and wellness are being put to practice. These averages show that tracking and visualizing can contribute greatly to whatever strategy helps with your success.

Over the coming weeks and months, we hope to provide you with more insights and updates from this data. You can get many more details at this link.

As always, we welcome your feedback on how we can serve you better. We also invite you to explore new features such as Quick Entry messages, charting of Trackables, new insights into nutrition data, and more!

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