Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Explore Nutrition and Calorie data

WeightChart.com offers great access to US Food and Drug Administration's nutrition database for foods.

For more than 18000 packaged and raw foods, we provide detailed and visual information including calories, fat, protein, and various nutrients.  The information is categorized in various serving, package, and measuring sizes.

There are many was to explore this data at WeightChart.com.

Your can search for an item at Nutrition Search, explore the most search at our site at Top 100 Search foods, explore food with high or low value for a specific nutrient at Highest and Lowest Nutrient, or simply explore by food categories at Nutrition Index.

When logged into your account, you are also able to save the foods that are of interest to you.

These pages can help you better understand the foods that you consume.

Thank you for using WeightChart.com

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