Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our Proposition to Employers

At, we believe that we offer a compelling employee wellness proposition to employers. Employers bear most of the direct costs associated with employee illness including absence, lost productivity, and increased health insurance premiums. Yet, employers have little ability to influence employee wellness.

Wellness requires a constant and concerted effort. Quick solutions rarely help with wellness with any degree of consistency. We think that minimal costs of our proposition (along with similar from others) and minimal efforts can yield significant returns. Many studies have shown that wellness tracking is one of the most effective ways to positively impact health habits. Logging one’s weight (and other parameters) allows one to better understand the impact of foods, activity, and stress on wellness. This leads to better control of weight and wellness.

An overwhelming majority of the healthcare costs go towards chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, and heart disease. Obesity is nearing epidemic levels and it impacts many other chronic diseases. In addition to the costs, these diseases degrade day to day life experiences.

Even though employers are responsible for most of the direct costs associated with illness, they often have limited influence on wellness. Employees prefer not to engage with employers on wellness issues. Weight and wellness parameters are considered to be some of the most private data. Employees also are distrustful of insurance providers and are reluctant to participate in programs run by them.

Our proposition is that employers encourage wellness tracking by the employees without any attempts to access this wellness information by employer or insurance companies. For a very low cost, employers make available to employees as a wellness tracking platform. Our belief that tracking helps wellness this is founded on our own data with findings of other major studies. We provide the employers and employees cumulative usage and performance data that shows the success of the program.

We invite you to explore, understand, and test our proposition at no cost. We think that you will be surprised at richness of returns on these small investments.

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