Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Do Not Delete or Wait

We would like to highlight two user patterns that work against our proposition.

First, we often get requests to delete all of a user data because they want to start over again. We reply back encouraging them to keep all valid data. We point out the slider control below the chart that allows them to select the range of data that is displayed. Almost always, we get an firm response back. Delete the data; I have saved it elsewhere and I just want to start over!

Second, we see patterns in our data where a users waits for a long time before returning to the site to log their weight. In most cases with a long gap, the weight entered after the gap is significantly higher than the one entered before the gap. In many of these cases, the user is simply waiting for a "better" number before entering it on their chart.

Our proposition is very simple. By entering and visualizing your weight and wellness data every day, you are able to better control the factors that influence your weight and wellness. You are more aware of them and your actions are influenced by this awareness. Many of our users describe our site as a mirror that keeps them honest. By deleting old data or delaying entering current data, you are just avoiding the mirror. It undermines the fundamental way our site help you. The data that you do not like is as important to enter as the data you do like.

We encourage you to enter your and wellness data on a consistent basis. We also encourage you to review your charts and notes on a periodic basis.

Thank you for using

P. S. We always encourage that you review your weight and wellness plan with your physician and other wellness professionals.

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