Friday, April 24, 2015

Wellness Resolutions

Have your New Year's resolutions related to weight loss and wellness fallen by the way side?

As with many wellness related entities, we see a major spike in activity at our website,, at the beginning of the year.  Lots of new users, lots old users returning, lots of invitations, new milestones, and even requests to delete old data!  Everyone is resolved to tackle the weight gain of winter and the holidays.

By early March, however, most of the activity fizzles out.  About this time, late in April, we are down to the regular users who use our website nearly every day.

With the insights gained from more than 5 years of our usage data, we contend that you are best served by taking time for wellness each and every day throughout the year.  Simple acts of trying to be physically active and being intentional with your food can take you closest to your wellness goals over time; adding some activities to reduce stress can get you there.  You add weight over years and decades, it is best to not hurry to lose it.

Try logging your weight and wellness every day (on our site or others) over a year.  You may be surprised at the simplicity and effectiveness of our proposition!

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