Monday, January 4, 2016

Healthy and Happy New Year!

We wish everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year!

As you resolve to focus on your weight and wellness in 2016, we encourage you to seek ways to make time for wellness throughout the year.  We see most weight and wellness resolutions fall by the wayside in February, if not sooner.

Successful users of our site (and other similar services) report that year-round focus on wellness as the most important factor in their success.  All of our data shows greater success with frequent and constant logging of your wellness.

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Unknown said...

I started my weight loss in October last year, and it's going great - I've already lost nearly 13 kg since 20th October! Your site has been absolutely key to my success too! In work, we do Agile, using Scrum, where we work in 2-week sprints. I've done the same with my weight loss - setting myself a target every 2 weeks to work to - and the Milestones feature on works fab for that. Here's a little article I wrote on LinkedIn about what I call "The Agile Diet" that mentions - hope you like -